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NXT UP Esports is the premier operator of recreational, virtual esports leagues and camp programs for kids. Founded by executives from traditional sports and esports teams, all NXT UP Esports programs are designed to teach players the fundamentals of gameplay while also developing character traits, teaching safe online communication, and teamwork of players - all skills they will be able to apply to their personal lives outside of gaming.

Modeled after professional and collegiate leagues, NXT UP Esports brings this expertise to the amatuer and youth segment with structured leagues to level up players’ gameplay and life skills. Players are assigned to teams based on their age and skill level. Collegiate level coaches teach players in-game mechanics and game strategy during weekly practices. Coaches work with players on an individual basis and through team exercises managed through Discord. Each weekend, teams will compete against other teams in the league on their way to the league championship at the end of the season.

NXT UP Esports is an inclusive community of players and coaches. All programs are co-ed and open to players in a variety of skill levels.

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Esports is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Not only is a career as a professional becoming more realistic for players, job opportunities within the esports and gaming industry continue to grow. The skills players learn through gaming can lead to a future in science, engineering, technology, and many other fields.


Further, the skills players learn through being on a team and learning to work together lead to enhanced communication skills, stronger personal relationships, and critical thinking skills.

NXT UP Esports creates a safe space for players to play with others their own age and skill level. Coaches are carefully selected, interviewed, and submit to background checks to ensure player and community safety. The coaches promote a culture of inclusion so all players feel comfortable and a part of the NXT UP Esports community.

NXT UP Esports Mission Statement

NXT UP Esports believes that the life skills and lessons learned through competitive gaming are the foundation for building successful people, players, and communities. 


The Commitment to be NXT UP:

  • Get better everyday

  • Uplift and include others

  • Put the team first

  • Oppose toxicity

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